The particular arrangement of our centers around Mount Etna, offers visitors an extraordinary journey between sea and mountains.

The connection between our clinics allows you to visit the city as...

Taormina with our dialysis center located directly overlooking beautiful island, nature reserve of extraordinary cultural and historical beauty, to visit the best preserved ancient monument in Taormina Greek Theatre wonderful vantage point, from which you can admire the Etna mole and the Ionian sea, Piazza Duomo, the clock tower, but also the beautiful beaches of Giardini Naxos .
San Gregorio di Catania outside the busy city but united to the city of Catania allows you to easily visit the sights of the capital, Baroque monuments such as the Cathedral of St. Agatha at Piazza Duomo or the Benedictine Monastery, the Old City and its Roman amphitheater, the Bellini Park or even the Ursino Castle, just to name a few.

Bronte, just getting into the Etna Park, is the italian capital of pistachio but also a land full of wonderful forests and inexhaustible itineraries along the slopes of Mount Etna, on the slopes of the Nebrodi mountains, along the Simeto river or between the Etna Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site ), not less is the Duchy or the charming Castle of Nelson testimony of residence of Admiral Horatio Nelson in Sicily.

Randazzo, medieval city with its natural scenic beauty and the fascination of its ancient works of art, churches, old palaces, museums with archaeological and scientific remains of great value, with its streets and its lava stone alleys, is a real and its environmental and architectural gem, immersed in the natural parks where you can still appreciate today the lava flows that put in danger the survival of the city.